Friday, May 23, 2008

The Story of Me

My name is Shin-you Peng. When I was little I started to like music. My sister told me that I was so cute when I was little. Now I look so much bigger because I look so much taller, strongger, and smarter. Now I am seven. I am in first grade. I have been here three years and six months. I am going back to Tiawan on July 2nd. I miss my aunt, uncle and Taiwan. Now you know about my life. Bye-bye.


振民 said...

Hi ShinYou, I am so glad that you are going back to Taiwan. We have to stay in Pittsburgh for several months. Don't forget us! We love you!

Shin-You said...

I wish you guys can go back to Tiwan with us. Good-Bye.

strange aunty said...

You-you, I still remember how small you were when I first met you in 'people'. Wow, time goes so fast. You are so smart and cute now. :)